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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Running Partner Needed...

Just to remind everyone, my running partner for my "Gator Lake" runs was a 12 ft. alligator.  She was always "somewhere" lurking in the waters around my favorite lake, and sometimes on the shore.  My daughter and I named her Ali, mostly because I'm not that creative. 

Well I learned today that Ali, was taking a walk around the lake when she became curious and decided to cross the street.  As she was crossing the street at 2:30-ish A.M., she was hit by a car.  The driver of the car had no idea what she had hit until she got out of the car and found Ali, who was actually a 10 ft. 8 inch gator, stuck under the car with her head peaking out from under the passenger's side.

Although the car did not kill Ali, when the trapper came to get her, he put her down.  :(   I'm sure what was done was the right thing to do.  I mean, who wants an 11ft. gator showing up at their front door, or making "friends" with the family dog...or worse?  However, after 5 years of having so much fun driving/running/walking by the lake and looking for her, I'm sad that she's gone. 

So this is my official "See you later Ali-Gator!"  We will miss you!!!

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  1. Such a weird story. Can you imagine being the sleep deprived mom, with young child in the car, hitting that thing. I'm sure Ali's gator friends will miss her, too.