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Friday, May 4, 2012

Hollywood Sunglasses + Running = Not So Great

Today was the perfect day to run my favorite causeway.  It was overcast and 75 degrees.  There was a wind, but only on half of the run...In fact I was enjoying the morning so much that I honestly got caught up in my thoughts and the views that I didn't worry about my pace or the fact that I was walking...much more than normal.  I guess when I forget that I'm training and use the time for relaxing and fun, because I live in such a beautiful place, it's easy to do.  With that said, I wish I could blame my fun run for the time I actually finished with, but I just can't.  I ran!  That's all I've got.

About halfway through the run I realized that I forgot to put on my running sunglasses and was running in my huge "Hollywood" sunglasses.  I'm sure I looked silly to the other runners on the bridge this morning.  Appearance is one thing, but these giant glasses caused my face to sweat so much more than normal.  So I definitely recommend investing in a good pair of running glasses. 

One last thing...Does this count as cross-training or upper body strength training?  Just asking...

See you at the races!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OMG! Florida Summer Training!!!

I can only hope that I feel this way ALL summer!

So as I'm running my "I have to run a 5k this morning" run, I realized that I was getting a very small taste of what training in Florida for a Fall marathon will be like.  IT WAS 80 DEGREES AT 9:00AM!!!  What was I thinking?!

Oh yeah!  I remember that "before I turn 40" list.  Why is turning 40 such a big deal?  I understand 18, 21, 25, and possibly 30, but 40?  Really? Come on!  Isn't it just another number?  To me it's a reason to celebrate life!  I have LIVED 40 yrs. and feel better and stronger than I have EVER felt before!  I am embracing 40 with all that I have!  50?  Now that might be a different story.  ;) 

BTW, You should all check out my new friends https://realmomsathletics.com/catalog/  It's very cute apparel for all of us running moms.  AND the moms that started it are super sweet!  Support them by going to their Facebook page and liking them or just go shopping at the website.  Either way, it's worth a look!

Until next time...I'll see you at the races!!!