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Monday, April 23, 2012

Why did I stop running???

  I've been trying to find my inner Runner Girl since November 2011 after the Savannah Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon, but I have actually had some legitimate...not good... reasons why I've been MIA from the running world.

Last October 30th my husband and I decided to build our dream home, and I had NO idea how much work that was/is.   So after the RnR "injury" came the holidays.  Of course I needed the extra time to heal because who really trains through the holidays?  Right?!  Plus, we had to get our house designed and pick out of the pretty granite, cabinets, flooring, tiles, colors, etc...

 So January was here before I knew it and we broke ground!  This adventure was getting so exciting as each day something new was happening with our new home.  On the other end of this was that we had to sell our current home.  YUCK!!!  This is definitely not the time to sell, especially if you bought 5 years ago, just before the market started going down.  So after many insulting offers on a home that we had priced low enough to lose our shirts on, we decided that renting it would be a much better plan for us right now.  That worked out MUCH better. 

We had our home rented within 3 days of a Craigslist ad.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out in the end.  BUT we rented it again within 2 weeks from the same ad.  We were truly relieved and could finally breathe again.  So we are so happy to finally have that chapter closed and ready to move in May.  OMG!  That's next month!!!

So now I'm packing and cleaning and making arrangements, the best I can, for things to be transferred and turned on.  WOW!  There's just one big BUT in the equation this time.  I promised myself that I would use the Iron Girl race to be my kick-off to push my Inner Runner-Girl out and truly start running and training again.

I'm still enjoying my runner's high from yesterday and I'm REALLY looking forward to my run tomorrow.  I haven't decided if I'm going to tackle the causeway just yet or run my favorite, peaceful, and much easier route, but either way, I'M RUNNING!

Thanks for joining me and I'll see you at the races!!!

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