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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blood, Sweat and Tears

So I've made it almost 40 years without a cast of any kind or crutches...and I'm a total klutz!  Well I start training for a marathon and BAM!  1/2 a mile into my 7 mile training run, I'm taken out by storm debry!  By storm debry I mean a twig the size of a hot dog.  Luckily  (???)  a very nice county worker saw me and stopped to ask to help.  He drove me back to my house where I hopped on one foot up my steps and into the shower.  Yes I needed to shower before I went into the ER.  ;) 

After my shower, I went to the ER where I had to hop around the entire parking lot because of the curbs and the design was not intended for gimps that are alone seeking medical help.  lol  My one leg should look like iron after all of this hopping.  Anyway, after waiting for around 2.5 hrs. I was finally able to be seen by a doctor and was given some ibuprofen.

As I sat waiting for xrays, I started crying. That's not something I do often.  I'm still not sure if the tears were because of the pain or because I had been training for so long and just the thought that I couldn't run my full marathon was too much to handle.  I'm sure it was a little of both. 

I did get some great news!  My ankle wasn't broken it was just a bad sprain and I would be able to run my marathon.  Of course every doctor, nurse, cleaning person I came in contact with knew about my marathon and wished me luck as I used my crutches to get to my car.  Thankfully it wasn't my driving ankle. 

It's been a week and my ankle is much stronger and I'm able to put weight on it.  BUT I'm still crying each time I see a runner as I'm driving by...or looking out of my home windows, or see a post on Facebook about a run.  I am a runner!!!

Thanks for checking me out and I'll see you at the races!!! 

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