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Saturday, September 17, 2011

6 miles of peace, beauty, fresh air...

Today I took on my first long run, 6 miles.  It was GREAT!  I can't remember feeling as strong on any of my recent runs.  In total I ran 6.26 miles with an average pace of 10:27. 
After I crawled out of my warm bed, I found myself waiting for the sun to come up this morning, which was very reminiscent of an actual race.  I didn't want to run in the dark because I would be running by myself and I just don't trust most people these days.  So at 7:04 AM I turned on my Ipod and took off.  Yesterday, my husband and I drove to where 6 miles would be if I took the straight route.  YIKES!  Somehow, it seemed much longer than 3 miles out from my house.  Plus it would be up and over the causeway and back.  Also, I can't say it enough, Florida is NOT flat.  I don't know how it works out this way, but the route is up-hill both ways. 
Anyway, it was beautiful outside so I was enjoying my run.  Then I came to my literal crossroad.  I could turn in either direction and have a nice flat road, or I could keep running forward and tackle the steep causeway again. 
So I chose the causeway.  I'm starting to believe that running is doing something to my brain.  I'm eager to take on challenges and less likely to back down and take the easy way out.  It was amazing coming back up the other side to face a breath taking sunrise. 
It somehow makes it all worth it.  Isn't God amazing?!
Well I made it and am much better having done it. 
On a side note, I saw this sign today and am adding it to my  "From a Runner's Perspective" album. 
 Running is a great way to stay healthy. 
Also, I tried my neighbor's suggestion for fuel and although I wouldn't say I like the taste, I felt great during the run.  Accelerade, is a 4-1 drink mix.  Four parts carbs and 1 part protein.  Thanks Tye!  I think I'll buy some for our house too. 
Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you at the races!

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