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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And then something amazing happened...

What a beautiful morning!  Seriously the air felt great at 8:50 this morning, so I was more than ready to add some miles to my new running shoes and cool/cute new compression sleeves. 
As I started my run this morning, I realized I was chasing someone...

I chased her for all of 1.6  miles, up and over the causeway!  And then something amazing happened!  I turned around and SHE CHASED ME!!!  I went back up and over the bridge with her on my tail.  I am very proud to say I didn't let her catch me!  LOL  Of course I'm a little crazy, most runners are, but today I DID NOT let the bridge beat me!  I ran that bridge all of the way...without stopping to walk once!  I managed a PR for this particular route.  I finished my 3.1 with a 10:02 pace!!!  Woohoo!!!
I like to think while I run.  With a 4 yr. old, it's really the only time I get to have my own thoughts without interruption.  Today was no different.  I remembered how I used to drive and see people running and think either "Wow!  They are crazy!  It's way to hot outside for that." or "Wow!  I wish I could be one of 'those' people."  And I realized that I am one of those people and many people look at me as I'm running alongside the road.  ;)  As I was running over the bridge I saw 2 men enjoying their mornings in a much different way than I was.  They were fishing.  It struck me  funny how different people have such different ways of relaxing and enjoying their lives.  Isn't it wonderful?
In my first blog entry I told you why I started running, but I didn't tell you why I kept running.  Well here it is in a nutshell.  I love my daughter and my husband and I want to be healthy for them as long as I can, and I know that exercise and eating well, is the only route that really works.  Of course I still run so that my Miss Me jeans look good, but I also run for my family.  I want to not only see my grandchildren, but I want to enjoy them as well. 
On the way to my running route this morning, I heard the song Chris and I danced to on our wedding day.  It's not a song I hear, well ever, on the radio, and I think it was perfect for my morning.  The song is You Raise me Up, by Josh Groban.  I've always said Chris is my rock. So maybe there was a little more of his strength pushing me this morning, if only on the subliminal level. 
That's all for today!  Enjoy the life you have and I'll see you at the races!!!

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  1. That's so true...I used to wonder why those crazy people were running. Yuck! But just today, when I drove Wyland to school, I saw runners and was jealous. I found myself thinking, I want to go running (said in a very whiney voice.