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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Because I had too much fun last night with my girls from the L.O.L. and I had to finish watching the Rays play...and beat...the Yankees, WOW what a game!!...I truly didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  Soooo I definately didn't want to run 3 miles in the never ending Florida heat.  BUT I did it.  However, I cheated.  I didn't run the causeway, I ran around a local lake.  My "gator lake."I pushed myself just a little bit and ended with a 9:38 min/mile, which is REALLY good for me.  My training is working and I AM getting stronger.  The lake is almost exactly 1 mile around with inclines at the either end.  These inclines used to kill me and cause me to stop and walk.  NOT today!  Today I took those inclines almost as if they weren't even there.  It's also trail running which is not as easy to run because of the constant changes in footing.  AND I LOVED each step! 
I started running this lake last year and truly fell in love with the nature that lives around and in the lake.   Until today, I had only suspected that a few LARGE (12 ft. +)
 gators called the lake home, along with a few medium (5-6 ft.), and several smaller gators.  Today I actually saw 2 large gators to confirm that I wasn't seeing the same one all of the time. As much as I would HATE to run up on any of them, I find it comforting seeing them swimming in the lake.  Maybe because that's how I know for certain where they are.  lol 
The picture at the top is from this morning.  The small black dot to the left of the "don't feed the gators sign) is actually a 12 ft. + gator.  She stayed by the road for my entire run.  The other stayed more in the middle of the lake.  The picture below is from a run last year, but it's a much better picture.  Enjoy! 

I'm going to take my "rest" days seriously and enjoy a pedicure tomorrow and then hit the road on Saturday for my 5 miler.  With just over a month until the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon, I'm feeling very strong!!!  See you at the races!

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